What is Monarch?

Total fiat-crypto exchange with a wallet and merchant plugin that offer recurring payments for monthly bills, on a proprietary blockchain with tokens continuously backed by silver.

Who is behind the project?

Team: Sneh Bhatt, Robert Beadles, William Lince, Kyle Asman.

Advisors: Eric Ly, Enzo Villani, Josh Phair, Damon Nam, Gee Hwan Chuang, David Zimbeck, Nimrod May, Dmitry Nazarov and many more to be announced.

Development: Splash Factory

What is the project plan? Do you have a roadmap?


Q2 2018 – Peasant

          1. MVP

            • Cold Wallet Storage for BTC and ERC20 tokens
            • Portfolio Tracker
            • Cryptocurrency News
            • Market Data
          2. Silver Backing for Security Tokens

            • 10% of TGE funds allocated to purchase physical silver from Scottsdale Mint

Q4 2018 – Squire

            1. Continuous Additional Token Support
              • NEP-5 Tokens and Many More!
            2. Portfolio Tracker – Exchange API Integration
            3. Hot Wallet
              • Recurring Payments
              • Send payments via usernames not addresses
              • Free Instant Peer to Peer Transactions

Q1 2019 – Knight

  1. Exchange
        • Monarch Token Pairings
        • Integrate with other 3rd Party Exchanges
  2. Fiat Support

Q2 2019 – Duke and Duchess

  1. Merchant Plugin
    1. Content Management System Plugin Solution
      • WordPress Support
      • Wix Support
    2. Customer Logistics
      • Customer Feedback reports
      • Analytics
      • Customer Subscription Tier and Info Management
  2. Dividend System
    • 50% Dividend Payout starts in conjunction with the Merchant Plugin
    • 10% Continuous Silver Backing

Q4 2019 – King or Queen

  1. Automatic Tax Form Generator
    • 1099
    • W-2
    • 8849
    • 8949
  2. Password Management
  3. Main Net Proprietary Blockchain Launch
What is the current status of development? Do you have a working product?

We already have the Monarch mobile App as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is freely available on the Apple Store (for iOS), on the Google Play Store (for Android) and here (for desktop). Download Here

Initially, the Monarch App will function as a digital wallet, where users will be able to store their Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC-20 token (NEP-5 tokens support coming soon). It will also keep track of all user’s assets and allow users to send and receive payments. Also see #22.

What features does your MVP wallet have?

The Monarch Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency solution that allows you to:

  • Buy/Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum*
  • Send/Receive:
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • XRP*
    • Stellar*
    • GoChain*
    • All ERC20 Tokens
  • Track your Gains and Losses*
  • Review Market Data for most cryptocurrencies*
  • Keep up-to-date on blockchain and cryptocurrency News
  • Maintain control over your private seed + keys
  • Sync with our compatible Desktop apps

Rule your own financial kingdom from the palm of your hand!


*Windows and Mac OS X Features coming soon

Who can participate in Utility Token Pre-sale and Crowd Sale?

The utility token sale is open to all US investors and everywhere else where legal.

Places we know it is NOT legal:

  • Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Venezuela, Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe
Do you have a marketing plan?

Monarch will launch into action from day one, building strategic partnerships with merchants and service providers to increase the adoption of the Monarch platform. One of Monarch’s founders, Sneh Bhatt, is also the founder of Cryptosomniac, an ICO marketing agency that has worked with over 70 ICOs over the past two years. Monarch’s marketing approach has five major points:

  • Using social media to engage the community
  • One of the largest bounty rewards programs for maximum community engagement
  • ICO Listing and Review websites for maximum exposure
  • PR and YouTube Influencer Outreach within the crypto community
  • Strategic advertisements (Social media, banner ads, programmatic, etc.)
Why is Monarch using a Two-Token Sale?

Monarch and its users all benefit from having a two-token system, which is made of Monarch Security Tokens (MTS) and Monarch Utility Tokens (MT).

MTS tokens will be backed by silver assets (10% of Token Sale funds will be allocated to backing the security with physical silver assets). By holding MTS tokens, users will receive weekly dividends in the form of MT tokens. Moreover, 10% of all transaction fee revenues will be allocated to increasing the amount of silver backing until each token is backed by 1 oz. of silver – giving MTS tokens a price floor and added stability.

However, we are also issuing a third type of token called Monarch Promo Token, which was created to encourage user adoption before the Token Sale is completed. Anyone using the platform will be eligible to earn Monarch Promo Tokens by using the App or by raising awareness. Monarch Promo Tokens will be swapped in a 1-to-1 ratio for Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) post-TGE.

MT tokens will be used within the Monarch App and Exchange. Peer-to-peer MT tokens transactions will be 100% free. In addition, users will earn “cash back” rewards for using MT tokens to purchase goods and services. Retailers who use Monarch Payment products (such as our eCommerce Plugins for WordPress or Shopify) will pay less fees and keep more money per transaction.

I heard that Monarch has a Dividend Structure. How does it work?

Once a week, 50% of all transaction fees collected from Consumer to Merchant Transactions from the Monarch Hot Wallet will be used to buy back Monarch Utility Tokens (MT), which will be distributed amongst all holders of Monarch Security Tokens (MTS).

The Monarch Dividend Structure will promote usage and growth inside the ecosystem. Transacting Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) inside the Hot Wallet infrastructure will give users a 50% discount on transaction fees (when used with merchants) and completely free (when transacted peer-to-peer).

Example: If 1000 BTC was transacted in the Monarch Hot Wallet ecosystem in the last week at a fee of 2%, then there will be 20 BTC in total transaction fees. 50% of the total transactions of 20 BTC will be distributed among MTS Holders. The 10 Bitcoin collected from the transactions fees will be used to buy Monarch Utility Tokens in the Monarch Exchange and then distributed among MTS Holders. Additionally, 10% of the 20 BTC collected as transaction fees will be used to buy silver as an asset backing behind the Monarch Security Token. This leaves 40% of the transactions fees to promote development for Monarch.

Why should I choose Monarch over other payment platforms?

Our team is developing an all-inclusive platform that has many competitive advantages over other crypto payment platforms. See the chart below: 

What is the total supply of Monarch tokens?

The total supply will be fixed at 500 million Monarch Security Tokens and 1 billion Monarch Utility Tokens (500 million MTS + 1 billion MT).

Is there a vesting schedule for the team?

Yes, all team members have committed to a 2 year vesting schedule. The team will receive ¼ of their token allocation 6 months after the TGE. Every month thereafter, they will receive 1/24 of their allocation until all the tokens are distributed. This is to ensure long-term motivation and time investment from the entire team.

What blockchain is Monarch using?

For the TGE and initial phases of our platform, we will use Ethereum due to it’s existing libraries and fungibility. We will simultaneously develop our own blockchain that we will disclose in our forthcoming yellow paper.

Monarch seems like a promising project. How can I get involved?

Feel free to join us on Telegram or to reach us at:

Telegram Chat: https://t.me/MonarchToken

Telegram Announcements Channel:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MonarchToken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/monarchtoken

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/MonarchToken/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/monarchtoken

Website https://monarchtoken.io/

Who can participate in the TGE?

Monarch Security Tokens (MTS):
Monarch Security tokens are being offered through a private sale and public sale for accredited investors. Some investors may be restricted by law from investing. To ensure you qualify to invest, please click the link to join our whitelist.
Monarch Utility Tokens (MT):
Anyone will be able to participate in Monarch public Token Sale. Some investors may be restricted by law from investing. To ensure you qualify to invest, please click the link to join our whitelist.

What does the Monarch Utility Token grant me?

Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) will grant users 50% discount on Monarch Exchange, reducing the trading fee from 2% to 1%. Moreover, sending MT tokens on peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions will be totally free of charge. We will try to list Monarch tokens on as many exchanges as possible.

In addition, users will be able to earn rewards for using MT tokens to purchase goods or services and will get 50% discount on consumer-to-merchant transactions if their payments are made with MT tokens.

What does the Monarch Security Token grant me?
  • 50% dividends distributed to MTS Holders via Monarch’s hot wallet
  • 1-to-1 airdrop of Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) post-Token Generation Event
What is the dividend structure for Monarch Security Token holders?

50% of all transaction fees collected from the Monarch Hot Wallet will be used to buy back Monarch Utility Tokens (MT), which will be distributed amongst all holders of Monarch Security Tokens (MTS). 

What is the difference between the Monarch Cold Wallet vs the Hot Wallet?

The Monarch Cold Wallet will be used as an offline secure storage for multiple cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to own their own private keys. No fees will be charged for Cold wallet deposits and withdrawals.

The Monarch Hot Wallet will be used to manage funds within the Monarch Exchange. Both crypto and fiat currencies will be supported and users will be able to quickly buy and sell digital assets. In addition, by using the Monarch Hot wallet, users will be able to receive MTS dividend airdrops and also to perform 100% free and instant P2P transactions (when using MT tokens). The hot wallet will also enable users to set recurring payments and pay for subscription-based products or services.

How does Monarch Merchant Plug-in work?

Monarch will develop a plug-in for easy integration to existing websites and platforms. It will allow merchants to accept cryptocurrency, facilitate customer response and manage subscription tiers on their websites. Merchants will have access to a completely integrated framework for the front end of their websites, which will open them up to customers they previously couldn’t serve. Additionally, Monarch Merchant Plugins will provide access to a full suite of services related to business and customer logistics.

What is the fee structure for merchants on the Monarch Platform?

Transaction fees in the Monarch system will be carefully allocated to allow Monarch to function as a company even after Token Generation funds are exhausted. To stay competitive with other payment processors, Monarch will charge merchants 2% on received payments. As volume of the network increases, Monarch will decrease this fee to remain competitive. Interacting on a global scale, processing billions of dollars a day should allow Monarch to decrease this fee with no effect.

The Monarch Application will host its own exchange as a means to transfer funds between cryptocurrencies listed on the Monarch Hot Wallet. The Monarch Exchange will allow merchants and consumers to exchange cryptocurrencies on an internal platform, with minimal effort. A 2% fee will be charged to the recipient of each transaction, but users can use Monarch Utility Tokens for a 50% discount on trading fees, similar to Binance’s BNB tokens. Thus, the fees are reduced to 1% when paying with Monarch Utility Tokens (MT).

What have you done so far?

We have hired the premiere blockchain company, Splash Factory to build our platform. We have also hired Bx3 to help us comply with the evolving legal and tax compliance landscape that surrounds blockchain focused businesses. We have brought on some of the most experienced, respected and well known partners and advisors in the cryptoworld. We have spent over 15,000 man hours developing compliance, structure and a functioning MVP that brings real world value to anyone who downloads and uses it. We have the brightest minds in the space working and consulting to assure investors we aren’t full of hype. We are going to deliver and be the worlds one stop crypto shop.

Monarch has been in development since late 2017, with feasibility and market studies breaking ground on what the legal and market requirements are need to implement the Monarch application. Since then, over 15,000 hours of labor have been put into the Monarch infrastructure, and to build out the corporate and legal structure.  The MVP will be released before the token sale.

Monarch currently has a staff of 5 full-time decentralized application and blockchain developers along with 6 designers and quality assurance leads that are all versed experts in the space. This all leads to a current target of about 35,000 man hours in-order to completely develop, design, audit, test, and garner feedback for the Monarch platform. It doesn’t stop there, once the framework of the Monarch Ecosystem is built, the staff will transition into upgrading the platform and integrating it with various merchant needs.

Monarch also has built out a full staff of user and investor relations management staff.  6 full-time community managers are assigned to handle all user and investor inquiries and technical support queries across all social media platforms. They community managers also help with the go-to market strategy of merchant and user acquisition in order to make Monarch a leading payment and investor exchange gateway. As the platform grows more and more community management experts will be added to the team to ensure user satisfaction.

This leads us to our final piece of the puzzle, legal and regulatory compliance. Monarch utilizes leading securities and tax advisors to ensure we comply with applicable securities, tax, and banking laws. Monarch also utilizes multiple intellectual property and patent lawyers to ensure our patent pending technology of decentralized recurring payment is protected. As a “tech first” company Monarch puts a heavy emphasis and research and development of blockchain technologies. As the blockchain space evolves and new standardized practices are formed, Monarch will lead the charge when it comes to compliance and new technological advancement.

Why the medieval theme?

Asides from being huge nerds and fans of things like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons etc we know silver has always been the people’s money. From even pre-medieval times this has been so, we want to make sure people have control over their own financial kingdom and a token of value. We believe everyone should be their own financial King or Queen. Backing our security token with the people’s money, silver, then adding our pop culture fanfare made sense to us. We hope you enjoy our unique approach to the fintech sector as well.

Are Any Countries Banned From Wallet Use?
Monarch Security Tokens (MTS):
Monarch Security tokens are being offered through a private sale and public sale for accredited investors. Some investors may be restricted by law from investing. To ensure you qualify to invest, please click the link to join our whitelist.

Monarch Utility Tokens (MT):
Anyone will be able to participate in Monarch public Token Sale. Some investors may be restricted by law from investing. To ensure you qualify to invest, please click the link to join our whitelist. Known places, but not limited to who can not participate are:
Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Venezuela, Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe.
What Is The Minimum Investment For MTS/MT?

MTS- Min investment $2000 USD or equivalent amount in BTC/ETH.
MT- .1 ETH

How do you participate in the Airdrop Bounty?


When does the Airdrop get distributed?

End of the Token Sale

Where can I store Monarch Token(MT), Monarch Security Token (MTS), and Monarch Promo Token (MTP)?

Monarch Tokens are stored on the Monarch Wallet.
You Can Download Monarch Wallet Here: Download

When will Monarch Token be listed on exchanges?

We can not speculate or guarantee Monarch Token will be listed on exchanges until after the TGE.

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