How To Buy Ethereum (ETH) without KYC* using Monarch Wallet on iOS.  

If you have The Monarch App on an iPhone or IOS device and are set up with Apple Pay, you can easily buy and store Ethereum very quickly. Here’s how:

Step 1
Open the Monarch Wallet app on your device.  The first screen you see will have a “Buy / Sell” Button in the upper right corner.

Tap the button.

image of Monarch wallet showing the home wallet screen

Step 2
The next screen will give you the option to Buy or Sell Ethereum. 

You’ll also see some other cryptocurrencies you can buy or sell as well.

For this example, simply tap the Ethereum button.

image of Monarch wallet showing the buy & sell wallet screen

Step 3
Simply select how you want to pay.  In this case, we’ll be using Apple Pay. It’s quick, easy and secure. 

Tap the “Apple Pay” Button.

image of Monarch wallet showing the buy wallet screen

Step 4
On the next screen, simply tap the “Buy” button.

ETH Screen on Monarch Wallet

Step 5
On the next screen, simply type in the USD amount you would like to buy in Ethereum…

For example, $25.00.  Then tap “Next.”

ETH purchase screen on Monarch Wallet

Step 6
Next, Monarch Wallet will automatically add fees to your purchase to give you a total for the entire transaction.

Then, simply approve your purchase by tapping the “Check out with Apple Pay” button.

Apple Pay ETH Purchase Screen on Monarch Wallet

Check Out & Finish!
After approving your purchase through Apple Pay, just go through the Check-Out process and you’re All Done!  Although your transaction has taken place instantly, in real-time, please allow up to 2 hours for your new Ethereum to appear in your wallet.

Quick and Easy with No *KYC Needed!

Monarch Wallet ETH Apple Pay Screen
Monarch Wallet ETH Confirmation Screen

That’s it!!  It’s that simple!

If you haven’t set-up your Monarch Wallet, Download & Get started Free Today!

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