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👑Welcome to Monarch!


Monarch is a Total Fiat-Crypto exchange with a Decentralized Universal Crypto Wallet, a Unique Payment Solution allowing Businesses & Individuals to Accept Crypto but get paid USD/Fiat quickly, while allowing recurring payments for monthly bills, a Security token Launch Platform, Crypto borrowing & lending, on a private blockchain with our security tokens continuously backed by silver. Best of all, We aim to have all of this live tentatively by end of 2019.


Token Generation Event & Bounty FAQs:


Most Asked Questions:

1. When Does the Monarch Token Generation Event End:  June 30th, 2019.

2. When Will I Receive The Tokens from the Bounty.


-The MT Airdrop Will Be Automatic.

– For those who participate in our Bounty Program, as long as you hold MTP in a Monarch Wallet, you will automatically be airdropped your MT within two weeks after the TGE is over.

– The Monarch Wallet will also add an MT wallet, so you do not need to add a “Custom Token” to receive your Monarch Token.

– Everyone who qualifies and contributes in our Token Generation Event will receive their Tokens within two weeks after the TGE finishes.


Common Wallet Issues:


Most Asked Questions:


  1. My Wallet Amounts are stuck and don’t update:  You should be able to update your Wallet amounts shown by swiping Down on the Wallet Page.  If this doesn’t work, make sure you have the most updated Wallet App, you can always download our most recent Wallet here:  If this still does not resolve the issue, then you will need to Re-Link your Wallet.  To do this you go to the Profile tab in App, click “Un-Link This Wallet” (make sure you have your 12-word seed written down to re-link the wallet before you un-link your wallet.)  Once Un-Linked, you will then Link Your Wallet. Add your 12 Seed words and it should re-link your wallets and update the amount shown.


  1.  I can’t send my ERC-20 tokens: To help hopefully alleviate these issues, first, when sending an ERC20 token, you cannot send or withdraw from your account if you don’t add Ethereum to your wallet. This is because all ERC-20 tokens require ETH to send. We assume people understand this and never made a pop up for that issue in the app. You can check to ensure your funds are still in your wallet. Monarch Blockchain Corp. never retains any user info or private keys and does not have access to user funds. Your funds are your own!


  1. Is there 2-Factor Authentication for the Wallet?: We do not have 2 step authentication currently, however, we have plans to add in the next month or so.


If you are a Monarch Wallet User and are having trouble not addressed here with using the wallet please submit a support ticket here:


We appreciate you for choosing to use the Monarch Wallet and want to ensure you have a good experience.

Listed below are common links and resources for Monarch Blockchain Corporation:


📲Download the Latest Mobile and Desktop Application here:
🗣Monarch Community & Discussion:
📣Monarch Announcement Channel:
🛂Whitelist link:
🎦Explainer Video:
🛑Token Sale End Date: 6/30/2019
🛬Promo Token Airdrop Date: 6/30/2019
💰Token Distribution Date 6/30/2019


Bitcoin Talk Thread
Airdrop Link


***** Monarch Pay KYC processing can take up to 3 business days to process and is currently only available to United States Users. However, not all States are supported.


For a complete KYC Non-Operation list, visit our website Here:


Be sure to verify your location is supported before registering for KYC.  Also, please check back to our KYC page frequently if you are in a location not supported as we will update this list as new states are supported.



Do not respond to ANYONE pretending to assist with KYC process it is a SCAM to steal your information! Monarch will only help with the KYC process through the MONARCHPAY dashboard, that you have to login into. Do not fall prey to these SCAMMERS.


If you didn’t find what you needed there, no worries! We will reply to your email as soon as we can. If this is urgent, please raise your question or concern at and one of our community moderators will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your time!


– The Monarch Team


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