Dispatch (DIVVY) Partners with the Monarch Wallet

Sacramento, CA // Monarch Blockchain Corporation partners with Dispatch to support their native token, DIVVY.

Monarch Blockchain Corporation, the developers of the fully decentralized Monarch Wallet, have announced a formal partnership with Dispatch to support their native currency, DIVVY. Dispatch has created a blockchain protocol to leverage on-chain business logic and manage large amounts of data off-chain in the Dispatch Artifact Network. Everything is managed using the Dispatch Virtual Machine to create and manage business logic along with off-chain data artifacts. Dispatch’s proprietary Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) provides fast and secure processing of transactions with no transaction fees. This architecture allows business applications to easily migrate from traditional environments or Ethereum to improve their business using distributed ledger technology.

Monarch’s mission for mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency cannot be achieved alone, which is why it aligns itself with projects such as Dispatch. While the Monarch Wallet makes blockchain transactions easy and seamless for consumers, Dispatch makes it easy for businesses to switch to blockchain. MonarchPay, Monarch’s merchant plugin can be added to any online store to allow businesses to accept cryptocurrency and instantly get paid in fiat, USD. This is set to launch by the end of 2018, helping widespread adoption of cryptocurrency. Both businesses and consumers have to adopt blockchain for growth of the technology, so a partnership between the two companies is both exciting and productive for all of blockchain.

Content Delivery Networks, streaming services, peer-to-peer marketplaces, and big data analytics are just a few of the use cases which will now be able to transition to blockchain with Dispatch. Dispatch is both a decentralized network where entrepreneurs and enterprise developers can create dApps to sell, distribute, and manage large amounts of data. MonarchPay and Dispatch together can fully enable businesses to migrate to blockchain technology all the way to the consumer level.


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