GoChain (GO) Select Monarch As Wallet Partner

Sacramento, CA // Monarch Blockchain Corporation has announced it will support GoChain (GO) on the Monarch Wallet

Monarch Blockchain Corporation, developers of the Monarch Wallet, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with a crypto-to-fiat payment plugin for recurring payments has announced their official partnership with. The Monarch Wallet will add support for GO tokens, so users can send, store, and receive GO. Jason Dekker, CEO of GoChain, has also joined Monarch’s advisory board, bringing his experience from managing over $250 million in funds, exiting a business to a public company, and running a successful token sale.

GoChain is a scalable, high performance, low cost, and decentralized blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. 70% of Ethereum’s mining operations are in China but GoChain requires that nodes are in different countries ran by unrelated operations, making GoChain more decentralized than Ethereum. GoChain is also 100 times faster than Ethereum, able to support 1,300 transactions per second instead of 13. GoChain miners use 1/1000th of the energy that Ethereum requires, giving itself a large advantage over other protocols.

“We are always on the lookout for projects that can provide immediate real world use cases for blockchain and cryptocurrency. Monarch is one of those projects and we are excited integrate GoChain into their wallet ecosystem.”


-Jason Dekker, CEO of GoChain

Monarch Blockchain Corp. has major alignment with GoChain and its community when it comes to decentralization. The Monarch Wallet is just as decentralized as GoChain, as Monarch does not own its users private keys or have access to their funds. Monarch keeps its decentralization at the forefront while developing the Monarch Wallet and select partners to work with. Monarch has a Patent Pending protocol to enable recurring payments in a decentralized manner, enabling users to pay monthly bills such as rent, car payments, Netflix or Spotify using crypto. Its decentralized nature and recurring payment ability separate Monarch from competitors like BitPay or CoinPayments.

“We are excited to support a highly scalable blockchain like GoChain and the projects that are built on it. Monarch’s initiative is to support exciting up and coming blockchain projects.”  

-Sneh Bhatt, CEO of Monarch Blockchain Corp


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