GoChain (GO) Users Can Now Use The Monarch Wallet

Monarch Blockchain Corporation has officially integrated Gochain (GO) into the Monarch Wallet.

Sacramento, CA // Monarch Blockchain Corporation, developers of the Monarch Wallet, a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with a crypto-to-fiat payment plugin for recurring payments has now integrated GoChain’s network and added support for GO. With over a $40 million market cap, GO has a wide userbase that can safely and securely store their tokens on the Monarch Wallet. Because the Monarch Wallet does not store its users private keys, it is 100% decentralized, just like the GoChain network.

GoChain is a scalable, high performance, low cost, and decentralized blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. 70% of Ethereum’s mining operations are in China but GoChain requires that nodes are in different countries ran by unrelated operations, making GoChain more decentralized than Ethereum. GoChain is also 100 times faster than Ethereum, able to support 1,300 transactions per second instead of 13. GoChain miners use 1/1000th of the energy that Ethereum requires, giving itself a large advantage over other protocols.

Monarch Blockchain Corporation is very particular in the networks it adds to its decentralized wallet, requiring a stable blockchain, active trading volume, current use-cases, and true scalability in its technology. After Bitcoin and Ethereum, GoChain is the third blockchain Monarch has prioritized to integrate, after Stellar and Ripple. Projects such as Solaster and Job.com have recently chosen to build on GoChain, enjoying its high transaction speed and low cost to use. Now, these projects will have a means of decentralized cold storage for their GO tokens as they raise funds for their start ups.

“We are proud to add GO to the Monarch Wallet and look forward to the innovations the GoChain community will continue to bring to the space”

-Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Blockchain Corporation


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