Is Cryptocurrency for Saving or Spending?

Is Cryptocurrency for Saving or Spending?

The number of people using cryptocurrency are rapidly growing every day. Cryptocurrency will most likely be one of the most widely adopted technologies of the future. Blockchain currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum might soon become what electronic currency systems like debit cards are today. Because of their immense growth, some see cryptocurrency as a great way to save and invest. Others see cryptocurrency as the most secure and safe way to engage in daily spending, just like cash. Read further as we tackle the question… is Crypto for Saving or Spending?

Crypto for Saving

Many will point to the long-term trend of major cryptocurrencies that show the incredible growth in value over the last few years. One famous story is of Laszlo Hanyecz and the famous “Bitcoin Pizza.” In 2010, Laszlo spent 10,000 Bitcoins to buy two large pizzas. That was all those Bitcoins could buy at the time. If he held on to his Bitcoin, and not spent it all on pizza, he would have over $80 Million today! From $40 to $80 Million in a few short years… obviously, Crypto in this instance would have been an incredible investment! But It’s not just Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin have done incredible as well.

As a long-term savings, let’s look at Crypto vs the U.S. Dollar. If you saved a $100 bill for 10 years then tried to spend it, the value of that $100 bill would be much less than it was when you put it aside.. This is because of inflation. Simply put, most currencies in the world tend to go down over time because governments continue printing more of it.


Now let’s suppose you put aside $100 worth of Bitcoin and never touched it for 10 years. You would find your Bitcoin has likely become worth a lot more than $100 when you put it aside.

One unique aspect about Cryptocurrencies are they are typically not inflationary assets… they are usually designed to be deflationary in nature.

This is because most cryptocurrency supplies are limited. This causes a situation where the value is more likely to go up because of simple supply and demand. Right now, Governments don’t print decentralized cryptocurrencies and the banking system doesn’t manipulate it’s value. As a result, the value has been trending upward.

Cryptocurrency for Spending

We’ve established that cryptocurrency in some cases has been a pretty good investment for some and how it can be a potential good option for long-term saving… but is it also great for using as cash for day-to-day purchasing? The answer is yes!

Cryptocurrency offers a degree of independence, freedom, privacy and security (as well as flexibility) that no other currency currently offers.

Any amount of money can be sent everywhere, from anyone, at any time (so long as there’s internet).

No banks, regional restrictions, or other common limitations are ever involved in how you handle the assets. In fact, cryptocurrencies are truly an international currency, treated the same everywhere in the world.

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The caveat is when looking at cryptocurrency as a spending currency, like cash, there is usually a lot of volatility. Cryptocurrency can be like a stock on the exchange market. The value can go up and go down, and this can happen frequently, within a short time. 

In fact, many merchants are concerned that if they take a cryptocurrency payment for a product or service at 10 am, the value of that payment could drop by 5 pm. Individuals may also be concerned if they make a payment worth $5 on a Monday, and that payment ends up being worth $8 by Wednesday. These worries are valid.

There are a few solutions out there for this problem, however. “Stable coins” are cryptocurrencies designed to hold a set value to eliminate such volatility. Monarch has partnered with Celsius Network to accept and support stable coins in their crypto wallets to eliminate volatility and make cryptocurrency more friendly to use in day to day purchasing, just like cash.


Monarch is a leader in the cryptocurrency world in providing stability to make coins and tokens more of a spendable currency. This will absolutely make cryptocurrencies a much more widely accepted form of payment by merchants around the world.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no single answer to how you should approach cryptocurrency, either as a savings investment, or as a spendable currency for daily purchases, crypto can be suited to accommodate whatever your goals are. This is what makes crypto so appealing for so many.

If you save your crypto over the long term, a practice called “HODLing,, you can actually increase the long term value of your investment with an additional 10.94% interest return each year when you use the Interest Earning wallet inside of the Monarch Wallet.

If you need to spend your crypto around the world without any regularity, wire transfer fees, international restrictions, etc, the Monarch Wallet is a perfect solution. Using the Monarch Wallet makes it easy to save or spend with a free to download, transparent and rewarding mobile experience with unlimited access to your funds at any time.

Whether your goals are to use your Crypto for Saving or Spending, the Monarch Wallet offers the absolute best of both worlds. Whether you’d like to save and earn up to 10.94% interest just by HODLing your crypto, the Monarch Wallet does that. If you’re using your crypto for daily spending, or even recurring subscription payments, there’s a feature called MonarchPay available to offer the best possible experience for crypto as cash.

The Monarch Wallet is Free to download and is available on IOS or Android devices!  The Wallet boasts a “your money, your way” approach to cryptocurrency, giving you full control and all of the best ways to use your crypto.

Find out more and Download Monarch Wallet now at


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