Listia Selects Monarch Wallet for XNK Token Cold Storage and Multi-Token Capabilities

Listia Selects Monarch Wallet For Xnk Token Cold Storage And Multi Token Capabilities

Bay Area, CA – July 9, 2018 –
Monarch Blockchain Corporation, developer of the Monarch token and wallet featuring silver backing, recurring payment capabilities, and profit sharing, today announced it has been selected by Listia to provide direct wallet support to Listia’s XNK token based platform. Over 10 million members makes Listia one of the most popular and fastest growing online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer marketplaces taking on Recognizing the need for increased token security, Listia selected the proven Monarch Wallet dApp that offers cold storage and soon hot wallet capability for ERC20 tokens like XNK.

Monarch’s wallet has received 5-star reviews on the iTunes store for ease of use and seamless blending of cold and hot storage for the most popular cryptocurrencies. Becoming the recommended and supported wallet for Listia’s 10 million-plus members introduces the Monarch wallet, and eventually, the silver-backed Monarch security token, to a global audience.

“We are beyond honored and excited. This partnership offers enormous benefits to Listia’s over 10 million users and Monarch’s mission to be the most widely adopted and user-friendly crypto wallet and payment solution on the planet.” Robert Beadles, President, Monarch Token

The Monarch wallet uses thoroughly proven security protocols for keeping cryptocurrencies safe during transactions. Listia recognized the advantages of working with the Monarch wallet to keep Listia user funds safe for transactions using the network XNK platform token. User’s can also see crypto to fiat profits or losses automatically with Monarch’s real-time portfolio tracker, as well as monitor cryptocurrency news.

“We are thrilled to partner with Monarch to bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Users on the Listia marketplace will now have an easy and secure way to store and use XNK outside of Listia, bringing our vision of decentralized marketplaces and reputation one step closer to reality.” Gee Chuang, CEO Listia/Ink Protocol

Aside from Listia’s native XNK token, Monarch supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens. Upgrade plans include adding platform protocols for all the top coins and tokens. Monarch’s team of developers places user experience first to eliminate barriers for new crypto users, businesses, and service providers to link with the Monarch wallet.

For more information about Monarch and Listia’s partnership, watch the video interview with Listia Co-Founder Gee Chaung and Monarch Token President Robert Beadles below.


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