Monarch Blockchain Corp Partners With Genesis Vision Gvt For Creating The First Blockchain Based Fully Automated Dollar Cost Averaging Investing System For Retail Crypto Investors

Bay Area, CA – June 29, 2018 Monarch Blockchain Corp, developer of the Monarch token and wallet featuring silver backing, recurring payment capabilities and profit sharing, today announced that it has partnered with Genesis Vision (GVT) to create the first blockchain based, fully automated, dollar cost averaging investing system for retail crypto investors. The new partnership combines the capabilities of Monarch’s wallet and token system with GVT’s platform, giving Monarch wallet holders direct, instant access to  GVT’s secure network of exchanges, brokers, managers, traders and investors as a decentralized and reliable investor resource.

One of the most interesting benefits from the partnership is the ability of Monarch wallet holders to invest in GVT’s offering of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) automatically by setting up a recurring payment from the Monarch wallet to the GVT platform. This feature will be implemented soon by using Monarch’s unique, patent pending protocol that allows nearly one button set-up or cancellation of recurring payments.

According to Monarch CEO Robert Beadles: “Monarch partnering with Genesis Vision welcomes any level of investor (when and where legal) to set-up automatic investing through Genesis Vision to generate passive income from the GVT family of asset funds.”

The Monarch and Genesis Vision partnership will soon enable Monarch Wallet users to set monthly payments that funnel into investments of the user’s choosing on the Genesis Vision platform. Investment vehicles on GVT range from actively managed ETFs to passive funds with virtually any kind of investment class like stocks, bonds, commodities, emerging markets, etc. available.  Just as many investors now automatically contribute monthly to their retirement and build wealth using traditional banks, stock brokerages, 401k’s and retirement accounts, the Monarch/ GVT partnership makes this same process easily available for crypto investors.


Genesis Vision CEO Dmitry Nazarov explains: “Monarch’s ability to make it easy for investors to contribute monthly to funds on the GVT network can help them potentially generate more income over time and dollar cost average into markets for avoiding the volatility spikes that can harm returns. The wide variety of ETFs available on GVT’s network can help people that are not comfortable trading gain from the expertise of successful managers.”  


For more information about the Monarch and Genesis Vision partnership, please visit us at


Here is the interview the Monarch founder conducted with the CEO of Genesis vision.

This post was originally from AmazingCrypto is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. AmazingCrypto is owned by Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Token and Crypto Influencer known as Crypto Beadles


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