Monarch Blockchain Corporation Announces Fiat Pairings and
Debut of MonarchPay

Monarch Blockchain Corporation, developers of the Monarch Wallet have announced that it will soon include fiat onboarding/offboarding in USD before the end of 2018.

Monarch Blockchain Corporation is a product-first development company that is debuting a series of financial tools to help adoption of cryptocurrencies. Through its online community and significant partnerships, The Monarch Wallet has gained thousands of active users that utilize the wallet to send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies. As a 100% decentralized application (dApp), users are in full control of their own funds. Monarch Blockchain Corporation requires no information from the user and does not store their private keys. The Monarch Wallet gives access to over 1,500 cryptocurrencies while taking no fees for transactions in and out of the wallet.

By the end of December 2018, the Monarch Wallet will debut fiat pairings in the app, allowing wallet users to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies using a debit card or bank account. This is a major advantage because very few wallets give users both control of their private keys and allow them to directly buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The update to the Monarch Wallet will include an upgrade in the user interface as Monarch Blockchain Corporation keeps ease-of-use at the forefront.

Not only is Monarch rolling out the new features on its wallet, it is also the debut of MonarchPay. MonarchPay is a payment solution that makes it easy to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency. Users can pay in crypto while businesses get paid in fiat, protecting the merchants from the volatility that cryptocurrencies currently present. In early 2019, Monarch plans to implement its Patent Pending recurring payment protocol, which will allow its users to pay for monthly bills such as rent, car payments, Netflix or Spotify using cryptocurrency. By issuing virtual debit cards, MonarchPay will allow payments for any goods or services whether or not the business accepts cryptocurrency directly.

After an unsustainable 2017 and a sobering 2018, the value of cryptocurrencies are moving away from “hype” from retail investors into scaling their use cases and user adoption. While past token sales raised tens of millions of dollars with a whitepaper, most have failed to deliver on their promises. If you look at Monarch’s whitepaper, its development roadmap anticipated Fiat Pairings to happen in Q1 of 2019, meaning Monarch Blockchain Corporation is ahead of its development roadmap, which very few blockchain start-ups can boast.

“We believe in showing rather than telling people.. Download our wallet for free and see for yourself today. This is just the beginning.”

Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Blockchain Corporation

Monarch Blockchain Corporation is one of very few American companies that have an active broker dealer license for the highest level of regulatory compliance. Its advisory board is filled with key innovators in the blockchain space, led by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Eric Ly. Co-founders Robert Beadles and Sneh Bhatt (CryptoBeadles and Cryptosomniac, respectively) have become popular YouTube influencers, giving market reviews and key insights since before the 2017 market run-up. Both Beadles and Bhatt have ran successful blockchain companies before launching Monarch together.


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