Monarch Blockchain Corporation Releases the Android Monarch Wallet

After months of demand from the community, Monarch Blockchain Corporation has released the Monarch Wallet for Android devices. Monarch Blockchain Corporation, the developers of the Patent-Pending  cryptocurrency payment solution have debuted the Monarch Wallet for all Android Devices. With an emphasis on ease-of-use for consumer adoption, the Monarch Wallet has a beautiful user experience that makes every transaction 2-3 clicks away from opening the application. The Android wallet currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum but will soon accept over 1,500 ERC20 tokens, Stellar (XLM), Ripple (XRP), and TrueUSD (TUSD). Users hold their own private keys, making the application truly decentralized and safe for all users to store, send, and receive their cryptocurrency. The Monarch Wallet will be the consumer portal for MonarchPay, a merchant plugin that allows online businesses to directly accept cryptocurrency as payment. Users pay in cryptocurrency and Monarch instantly pays the business in US Dollars, carving a path for what we see as widespread usage for cryptocurrency. Monarch’s biggest competitive advantage is its Patent-Pending recurring-payments technology. Cryptocurrency uses push technology, meaning users have to manually send every payment. But with Monarch’s technology, users will be able to pay any monthly bills with cryptocurrency, such as rent, car payments, a mortgage, or Netflix.

“We believe cryptocurrency can solve many needs of the people. With Android accounting for 88% of phone users it is imperative they have a safe, secure, truly decentralized wallet to send, receive, and store their cryptocurrencies. We strive for the mass adoption of blockchain and all the benefits it can bring the people. This is our first version for Android, it will greatly improve with new support for tokens and coins weekly in addition to all the other useful features it currently has. Monarch is far more than a wallet, this is just the foundation of all the many many financial tools we are bringing to the world. Let us know what you think and remember, this is the beginning, not the end.”

-Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Blockchain Corporation

While the Monarch Wallet has already gained thousands of users, it has gained massive traction and credibility in the cryptocurrency community. Monarch Blockchain Corporation has added LinkedIn co-founder Eric Ly to its advisory board and partnered with some incredible companies such as Swarm Fund, Genesis Vision, Listia, Polymath, and Celsius. All the partnerships Monarch has formalized should bring over 100,000 new users based on the userbases of the partner companies.

Monarch’s co-founders, Robert Beadles and Sneh Bhatt both have success in the blockchain industry in previous ventures. Beadles, a serial entrepreneur is the founder of Splash Factory, a blockchain development agency while Bhatt is the cofounder of Cryptosomniac, an ICO marketing agency that has worked on over 60 blockchain startups. They’re both influencers in the cryptocurrency community with YouTube channels, CryptoBeadles and Cryptosomniac.

To learn more about Monarch, visit their website at and follow their progress and updates on Facebook, Twitter, or Telegram.

Download the Android wallet here:

Download the iOS wallet here:


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