Monarch Blockchain Corporation Will Extend Its Token Generation Event 180 Days

Despite the gradual drop in the market cap of cryptocurrencies, there is no lack of enthusiasm for the technology. 2019 will be an exciting year for the blockchain industry as more developers are choosing to develop dApps over centralized applications. It’s important to understand the exiting of unqualified retail investors does not mean blockchain startups are slowing down! What the temporary bear-market does indicate that it is not the most opportune time to release a new utility token to exchanges.

Given this, Monarch Blockchain Corporation has decided it is in the best interest of the company, as well as token holders, to extend its Token Generation Event for 180 days. With the previous end-date of December 31st, 2018, Monarch’s Token Generation Event will be extended to June 30st, 2019. This is not due to a lack of funds or an unsuccessful token sale, this is primarily due to current market conditions and an inopportune time to release tokens into the public’s hands. Monarch Blockchain Corporation has a strong compliance team and has made sure both its security and utility token are 100% SEC compliant. Monarch Blockchain Corporation has many achievements in its one year of activity. Just a few of the milestones include:

  • Monarch Blockchain Corporation released the Monarch Wallet on desktop, iOS, and Android. Thousands of users have downloaded the Monarch Wallet to send, store, and receive their cryptocurrency.
  • Monarch Blockchain Corporation issued a Provisional Patent on the process of multi-signature wallet leasing, which enables recurring blockchain payments in a decentralized manner. This will be the biggest competitive advantage to set MonarchPay apart from its competitors.
  • Monarch Blockchain Corporation is an official Broker Dealer in the United States with an application for a BitLicense has been submitted.
  • 9 full-time employees are working at Monarch Blockchain Corporation heading into 2019.
  • Monarch has signed official partnerships with Genesis Vision, Swarm, Listia, Polymath, GoChain, and several others. These partnerships will give the Monarch Wallet over 10 million users once all contracts are executed.
  • World class advisors that have exited companies for over $25 billion
  • The Monarch Wallet will have fiat pairings (fiat onboarding/offboarding) by the end of December 2018 so users can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly on the Monarch Wallet.

As you can see, Monarch Blockchain Corporation and its participants have many achievements to be excited about. The launch of Monarch’s payment processing software, MonarchPay, is set to launch in Q1 of 2019. The extension of its Token Generation Event should not deter anyone involved with Monarch Blockchain Corporation, but excite them that the company has the best intentions of its token participants in mind. Any questions about the extension of the token sale can be asked in our official community channel or email us at

To continue Monarch’s forward momentum, it is also extending its Bounty Campaign. Not all community members have the funds to contribute to the token sale, so we allow the community to earn Monarch Token through downloading the app, creating content on behalf of Monarch, translating our content to other languages, promoting the Monarch Wallet, etc. The launch of a new cryptocurrency is a community effort so read here about how to become directly involved in Monarch’s success.

Anyone currently holding Monarch Promo Token (MTP) can read our guide here for instructions on how to handle their tokens. The MT airdrop for all MTP holders will be 7-14 days after the new end date to the Token Generation Event.

Thank you for understanding our proactive decision to extend our Token Generation Event and appreciate your interest in our success. Monarch Blockchain Corporation will become the ultimate payment solution, our team is working seven days per week working to achieve our full vision.


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