MonarchPay Cryptocurrency-To-USD Payment Solution Launched & Monarch Wallet adds Bitcoin & Ethereum Fiat pairings in App!

MonarchPay Cryptocurrency-To-USD Payment Solution Launched & Monarch Wallet adds Bitcoin & Ethereum Fiat pairings in App!

Sacramento, CA – Dec 31st, 2018Monarch Blockchain Corporation, developer of the Monarch Wallet launches MonarchPay, a unique payment solution that allows both businesses and consumers the ability to accept Bitcoin & Ethereum and get paid in U.S. Dollars.  

MonarchPay opens businesses up to a new market of demographics by tapping into an estimated 70+ Billion U.S. dollar cryptocurrency market.  MonarchPay only charges a 2% transaction fee for each Crypto-to-USD transaction beating many other services with competitive pricing. Transactions also process in as little as 5 seconds which helps protect users from volatility, fraud and chargebacks.

“We’re truly excited to be able to offer merchants an easy to implement solution that allows them to accept crypto yet be paid in fiat so volatility is mitigated.  This is just the beginning.”  

– Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Blockchain Corporation

MonarchPay’s simple integration can be added to the checkout experience of almost any eCommerce website.  Users can create and send custom invoices via email, text message or any messenger apps and also accept crypto payments in person using their smartphone or tablet.

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Buy, Sell, Store & Send BTC and ETH Using The Monarch Wallet!

Monarch Blockchain Corporation knocks out another one of it’s developmental roadmap goals by adding fiat pairings to its Monarch Wallet app.  Powered by MonarchPay, users of the Monarch Wallet will now be able to Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Ethereum from within the Monarch app. The App update is being sent to iOS and Android on the 31st of December, while the Desktop and Mac apps are ready to be downloaded here:

The Monarch Wallet is a Decentralized Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet that allows you to buy, sell, store, and send cryptocurrencies while ensuring ownership of your private keys.  Its decentralized storage supports over 1,500+ cryptocurrencies, with the most popular cryptocurrencies being Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), and GoChain (GO).  Any token built on Ethereum, known as ERC20 tokens, can be stored, sent, and received on the Monarch Wallet. Monarch Blockchain Corporation will continue adding support for more cryptocurrencies in Q1 and Q2 of 2019.

Monarch Blockchain Corporation holds a Provisional Patent on multi-signature wallet leasing, a process for sending recurring blockchain payments in a decentralized manner.  This will allow any MonarchPay user to pay monthly bills such as rent, mortgage payments, Netflix or Hulu using cryptocurrency.  As MonarchPay converts funds to fiat, this will enable most if not all monthly bills to be paid in cryptocurrency. MonarchPay plans to integrate recurring payments in 2019.

With over 200,000+ downloads, the Monarch Wallet’s popularity continues to grow.  Monarch Blockchain Corporation has also signed agreements with large blockchain-based companies, such as Listia, Swarm, Polymath, and Celsius.  These agreements should give the Monarch Wallet and MonarchPay over 10 million users once all integrations are executed.

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